Oh, what an American Idol 2013 Season we have on deck, guys.

After the recent behavior of new judge Nicki Minaj, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel seemed concerned the volatile rapper might even whoop up on our poor little Ry-Ry, Ryan Seacrest.

Jimmy Kimmel: Man! If Nicki Minaj pulls you backstage and beats the life out of you on national TV, you may have 50…100 million people watching the show again.
Ryan Seacrest (grinning): Well, you know me. Anything for the show.

Check out the clip here:

With pre-season controversy already boiling– American Idol Season 12 is pumping up to be the craziest in well, ever. Sure, we all witnessed poor Paula acting dazed and confused in previous years. But out and out hostility between two judges?? With a pair of divas like Mariah Carey and Nicki to wrangle in, I just hope the young, new talent gets the proper attention they deserve. (And from what we hear– there is a LOT of talent. And a LOT of nutjobs.)
Remember judges… It’s all about the talent, ya’ll.

None of this is new for Randy Jackson, of course. He’s a perfect gentleman, and is experienced in the daily toil of being an AI judge.
But poor Keith Urban. Can you imagine being stuck between those two clawed females for days on end? I just hope the little wifey–Nicole Kidman–is taking good care of her man.
You know, a lovely meal when he gets home. A relaxing shoulder massage by the fireplace? Then, oh– I don’t know–maybe cap it all off by drawing the mmm–mmm–luscious crooner a nice hot bath……..
Drawing him a nice, hot bath……..

Woaw–Dude! Guess I drifted there for a sec..Sorry ’bout that, but hey, can you blame me? You gotta admit. It’s a nice image, right?

Psst–You’re welcome…