Are you ready for American Idol 2013? FOX has released three new Idol Season 12 promos that hope to get you excited for the season premiere which is now less than a month away! Let’s take a look at what they released.

Keith Urban Talks American Idol:
Keith says “American Idol personifies the American Dream.” He’s looking for someone with the raw talent with the passion to succeed. Keith is excited by that raw talent that’s on the verge of becoming something big.

Nicki Minaj Talks American Idol:
Nicki is inspired by the idea of helping discover talent and mold their journey to make them a better artist. She also discusses her background and how her success came from hard work and connecting with the right person.

Mariah Carey Talks American Idol:
Mariah says Idol has become an American tradition and is amazed by how this show has launched Grammy and Oscar winners. She enjoys the gift they’re giving these young, talented Hopefuls because it’s an opportunity she never had.

Source: YouTube