Did you just shiver?  Cause it’s true, you know.  If American Idol Season 12 is anything like the last few seasons–heck, MOST of the seasons of the past–we will soon witness the trembling birth of a new star. 

All those other wanna-be shows are fine for filler. But how many have produced genuine musical superstars like Kelly Clarkson or Phillip Phillips?  Heck— even the LOSERS of American Idol can shoot to stardom.  (Hello Daughtry and Hudson.)

Sources tell us there’s major talent coming our way. That once the exciting new judges hack off all the rock, we’re going to be looking at some big, gorgeous diamonds.  (Psst– keep an eye out for Lazaro Abros, a Cuban-American with a terrible stutter. We hear his rendition of Bridge over Troubled Water had some of the judges in tears.)

Mariah Keith Nicki

And speaking of the judges.. Woowee–are we in for it this season! The obvious animosity between Mariah Carey and Nicky Minaj will be pure entertainment…and maybe a bit scary, like mixing Mrs. Butterworths with Louisiana Hot Sauce. And I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to watch the delicious Keith Urban–right smack-dab in the middle–mediating between these two divas. We hear he’s VERY good at it and quite, quite sexy besides.

However…Catty differences aside, I think you’ll see that these new judges are savvy, smart, and completely tuned in to the kids they’re evaluating. There will be some HUGE disagreements and definitely a lot of MAJOR style-clashes. Still, it looks as though the friction between the ladies will not hurt what’s really important about Idol (The Hopefuls)  but instead just add a little cinnamon to an already VERY spicy season.

Hang on, guys! It’s only 6 days (and counting) till the Fabulous 2-night premiere on Fox, January 16-17. AMERICANIDOLFANDOM wants to hang out with YOU this season! So be sure to check in with us for all your American Idol 12 news and fun!