Are you ready to rock, ladies and gentlemen? Are you ready to analyze and criticize? Eulogize and objectifize? (Ok, so that last one isn’t a real word, but hey..Shoe. Fit. Right?)

Come hang with us this American Idol season. YOU are the stars on this site! We’ll cheer when our favorites triumph. *throws confetti* And *wipes tear* mourn when they fail.

This season is sure to be the best ever.. I mean, come on– how can you go wrong with:

The ever present Randy Jackson.The crazier than a betsy, Mariah Carey. The uber-cool Nicki Minaj. And–whew!–the too-hot-for words Keith Urban.

With such an eclectic mix, this is gearing up to be the best Idol season we’ve seen in years. What was that? “Simon who???”

PLUS! There’s that already-famous feud going on between Mariah and Nicki. That may be the best thing of the whole season. Can anyone say Catfight???

If you love AI– or even if you USED to love it and fell by the wayside–we welcome you to come spend this season with us. We’ll be here with all the news, updates and spoilers all through the fan-freakin-tabulous season twelve.

We want to hear YOUR voice. Who are your faves. Who do you hate? And hey– you aren’t gonna beLIEVE how much fun we’re gonna have, ragging on the crazies that crawl out of their little hell-holes, during those first few weeks. (pssst-that’s my favorite part, btw)

Stay tuned, and visit us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. To stay right on top of all of the Season 12 news.

I’m Janet and I can’t wait to spend my AI season with you!