Get ready for more classy-town when it comes to Nicki Minaj, the newest judge for the upcoming American Idol 2013 series starting in January.

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

Minaj has taken to Twitter in outrage after Steven Tyler suggested she wouldn’t give talent like Bob Dylan a chance on the American Idol stage. You can read her Twitter message here, but be warned as it’s profane and NSFW. As it seemingly occurs too often these days, Minaj was quick and trigger-happy to call Tyler’s comments “racist.” While Tyler’s comments seemed premature I could hardly find any tones of racism (are cornfields really racist?) in his accusation that this current panel is more interested in fighting and drama than bringing out the best in the Idol Hopefuls.

If you missed what Steven Tyler, a former Idol judge, had to say that set off Minaj’s f-bomb response then you can get all those details here.

Do you think Tyler was being racist, as Minaj accuses, or was she just being too sensitive to criticism?