I think we can all agree that American Idol 12 did not lack for drama.

The first half of the premier focused more on the judges and the feud brewing between the two ladies of the group, than the shallow talent pool in the Big Apple. However, once AI made it to the Windy City, it found its feet as well as its heart. 

The best of the best in NYC included:


Christina Isabelle’s perfect tone, combined with her weight struggle will make her a force to be reckoned with, when the crew gets to Hollywood.
However, it looks like in this week’s visit to Charlotte, North Carolina will see the tension between the two divas finally erupt.

Isabelle wasn’t the only one in NY to wow the judges. Shira Gavrielov and Tenna Torres strolled out with golden ticket in hand.

But then…THEN they made it to Chicago…and the talent level hit the roof. But first…it was clear that after several days on the road, Nicki was…ah…frisky…

Then, we got into the real deal, with Curtis Finch Jr., Gabe Brown, and Isabelle Parell.

After that, things just got better and better, with Kiara Lanier,

But it was Mariah Pulice’s heart-wrenching story of her struggle with anorexia and lovely, husky voice set a pretty high bar for the rest of the season.

Stay tuned as we follow the American Idol 12 crew to Charlotte NC next..And prepare yourself for the shout that went around the world!