Last week’s American Idol 12 Premiere got off to a slow start. That’s no judgement on my part, just the facts. Even the ratings told that tale.
But while the highly touted Diva-off between Mimi and her Minajness distracted us somewhat on night one. Once the team hit Chicago, the focus shifted to the talent. And it looks like the focus of this year might not be on the bold and the beautiful…but the glorious weird.

gloriously weird

Like “The Turbanator” Gurpreet Singh Sarin. Not your average Idol. But his haunting voice, and mix of modern and traditional Indian music had the judges yessing all over themselves.

That’s right. There was no shortage of beautiful young contestants. Nicki had the squirms over many of the pretty young fellas that bopped in and out. And the judges often told a singer they had “the look.” But don’t you hope that this season we’ll see a winner that isn’t chosen for looks, but for talent blended with some downright strangeness?

For instance:

Kez Ban–a VERY unlikely Idol. At first, this fire-act street performer looked destined to make it to the blooper reel. (As she humbly worried in her pre-interview.) But once she opened her mouth, a voice like melted chocolate poured out, sending the judges eyebrows sky-high.

How amazing! How wonderful! How FRESH to have an Idol like her?


So, I don’t know about you—but I’m ALL about the weird this season!
And speaking of: There were a few who definitely had that odd-factor down, but didn’t QUITE have the voice to pull it off…

So as American Idol 12 moves on to Charlotte tonight, I beg of you…Bring on more of the glorious weird! Cause we love that crap! But, surprise us, too. Give us more Kez Bans. Weird, combined with fabulosity!!